Ford Signs

(Above) Ford Runabout plaque. (photo courtesy of the Donald Passardi collection)

(Above) Genuine Ford Parts porcelain, double-sided hanging sign. Canadian made. Circa 1920 – 1930s

(Above) Ford The Universal Car porcelain, single-sided sign. Largest of all porcelain signs of this style. Also came scripted in”Ford Cars, Trucks, & Tractors Sales and Service.” Measures approx. 10’x3′

(Above) Smaller diecut Genuine Ford Parts V8 porcelain sign. Canadian

(Above) Large diecut two-piece Ford V8 porcelain sign. Inside steel frame. Circa 1932 – 1948. Canadian

(Above) Double-sided Genuine Ford Parts oval steel sign. Sand painted. Reflective. Marked S.T.S.P. 2510. Canadian

(Above) Large Ford Oval Porcelain Sign. (photo courtesy of the Donald Passardi collection)

(Above) Ford Charcoal Briquets tin sign. (photo courtesy of the Donald Passardi collection)

(Above) Metal Ford Motor Benzol gasoline sign. Single sided. Circa 1932 – 1942.

(Above) Ford Crest. Measures approximately 30″x28″x4″. Made of aluminum and wood. Circa 1949.

(Above) Family of Ford Fine Products. Plastic face. Two separate front and back faces. Aluminum can. Circa 1960s

(Above) Genuine Ford (Model T) Gasket rack. Measures approximately 50″x25.5″. Solid oak wood frame. Circa 1910-1920s.