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The Ford Collector (TFC) offers a historical perspective of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury agency (i.e.: dealership) items including their subsidiaries, from the turn of the 20th Century to modern times. TFC continues to protect North America’s (Ford, Lincoln and Mercury) agency heritage by securing, documenting, and preserving such historical items of significance.

If you have an original Ford agency or dealership item that you wish to sell or information to share for the purpose of documentation, then please contact The Ford Collector today. All inquiries will be responded to promptly and confidentially.

TFC offers an insight into the birth of Ford’s own agency items. Here you will find photos and details of early 20th Century porcelain Ford signs, to Ford Benzol globes that once fueled the maker’s own automobiles. TFC expands the portfolio by including agency items from Lincoln and Mercury dealerships and subsidiaries like Motorcraft and Autolite, just to name a few. With the aid of Ford collectors worldwide, this site continues to expand its inventory and knowledge base of a by-gone era that has nearly been forgotten. Check back often as this site continues to grow.